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Thrive In Prayer was a God-Given Mandate to Faith Dickens in 2020 a few months shy of the Global Pandemic. Committed to the Mandate, Faith Dickens had to quickly shift The Thrive In Prayer Conference logistics. The Global pandemic forced the inaugural in-person Thrive In Prayer Conference to convert to a virtual conference.


Since this time Thrive In Prayer has been held in person in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Los Angeles, CA. Thrive continues to evolve in its potency and effectiveness.  Thrive In Prayer’s mission is to equip Christians with the tools to overcome, impart, and impact lives through the power of prayer.


Thrive focuses on teaching individuals’ prayer strategies to increase their intimacy with God. As well as transforming their personal life, business/career, family, and ministry.  Thrive In Prayer positions attendees to receive Insightful Revelation, Catapulting their seek of God and enhancing every area of their lives out of prayer.  Faith Dickens and Team continues to grow in an effort to fulfill the progressing mission and mandate of Thrive In Prayer.

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